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Happy Holidays

Preserving Memories

Our family has a long running tradition of using a Christmas ornament to commemorate a key event in our year. Some we find on our travels, others are custom made by local artisans. All have special meaning to us and take us back to those important times.

I want to tell you about our family’s Christmas tradition.

Every year we get a new ornament that represents something special to us that we did that year. During the year, I think it makes appreciate those special moments all the more as we consider how they could be represented as a decoration.

This tradition also makes putting up our Christmas tree extra special because we get to relive those important moments from our lives. I love hanging our special ornaments while listening to Christmas music.

My parents started collecting these important ornaments before I was born and cherish the one they have from just before I was born. They also started to get me my own memorable ornament each year. The plan is that I can take them with me when I am grown up so I can use them on my own tree with my future family.

My family has made a special Christmas ornament showcasing my Lake Lodge to give as a gift to our guests as we approach the holidays. Every family renting the cabin will receive one of these ornaments as our way of sharing this tradition. If you would like to order more or just want a unique ornament for your Christmas tree, you can order your own by clicking Add to Cart below!

Who knows? This may become your new family tradition too.

Happy Holidays


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Plaid Metal Ornament

Purchase your own custom ornaments of Chloes Lake Lodge as the ideal souvenir for your families stay in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

Price includes shipping within the USA via USPS. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.


Rustic Ornament

This unique metal ornament is styled to reflect the rustic beauty of the North Georgia Mountains.

Price includes shipping within the USA via USPS. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.